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Mierna's Ballgown - Snippet

"Most non-believers will not be able to see what you can as a Dreamer. Even so, there are a... slew of beings capable of entering... if one is not careful." He dramatically waved his hands to his words. "Remember, Mierna. The white púca was in your hometown. And that is where you've chosen to build. Most likely, she already knows."

Mierna threw up her hands in defeat. "Great! I might as well have gone around shouting out my personal business and just make it easy."

Vlanders merely giggled and made his way over to paperdoll books still laying on the table. "Not a bad way to distract someone. If there's one thing we enjoy most, it's a good chat!"

He held up a cutout of a turquoise dress, eyeing the simplicity of its design. A wave of hand summoned a standing mirror to glide across the floor.

"See what you think," he said.

Hesitant, Mierna stepped in front of the mirror to see herself dressed in the most elegant gown. An outer layer of lace contained a stained-glass pattern that glimmered when light tread across it. Its off-the-shoulder cut was trimmed in a ruffle of iridescent lace, matching how Vlanders' feathery quills displayed along his shoulders. Curious what her shoes might look like, she instinctively reached down to lift the front of the dress when her hand actually touched lacey fabric.

Stunned, she glanced down at the gown that had replaced her pajamas and gave a twirl, relishing the feel of it swishing about her. When she gazed into the mirror once more, she found her hair already styled so it too flowed around her face with a hint of turquoise eye makeup to match the dress.

"You like?"

The voice was Vlanders, but it was not the faun standing in the mirror, but his human form all dressed in white. Mierna turned to face him. His princely suit was trimmed in the same design and color with hair and beard neatly combed, not wild and untamed as he often times looked.

With one hand behind his back, he offered his other out for her. Mierna was spellbound, drawn to his handsome appearance. She lifted a hand for him to take and watched as he raised it to his lips. His eyes never left hers as he lightly planted a kiss.

"You're perfect." His words made her blush until he added, "You'll be the talk of the Fae after we finish dancing."

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