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Mierna & the Keeper of Nightmares

Book II

It’s been several years since Mierna has last seen the púca Vlanders. Both her room and office are decorated with painted memories to remind herself that what she has witnessed was real. A parallel world called the Fae does exist, and with it the creatures she enjoys reading about in her many books. But on one particular night, a nightmare brings the uneasy feel that the púca's return will be less than charming. 


She awakens to her supervisor’s phone call to head into the office. As a recent medical graduate and doctor-in-training, Mierna has no choice but to follow orders. Upon her arrival, she finds the office empty with a questionable figure posing as lead doctor. Mierna attempts to escape but winds up trapped in a back office. With no other option, she prepares to face her shape-shifting assailant when Vlanders' timed arrival throws Mierna into his world. Reunited with the cheerful púca, she explores what was once only imagined. 


Although Vlanders keeps a world of secrets, Mierna learns through a series of mishaps that dreams and nightmares have different roles to play between both worlds. They are what tie Dreamers to the Fae and keeps its inhabitants secure. Without them, belief is lost, causing the world to cease functioning and release harmful creatures held by the Tree of Eternity. Mierna cringes at the possible thought of Nightmare Incubus, along with other oddities, roaming between worlds unchecked.


Through a set of Dream Sequences, Mierna is able to temporarily teleport, not only discovering that nightmares are being misused, but may lead to the release of the one they all fear most. In a world where truth is often times obscure, Mierna must find a way to secure the Fae for future generations. All eyes are turned to the mountains of Tall Cliff, where the Keeper of Nightmares holds the secret to it all.

Mierna & the Faerie Wilds

Book III

Faeries are not always pretty. 

In Mierna's many books, faeries are portrayed with lovely clothing and beautiful wings. But she knew from previous encounters that was not always so....

In the process of moving back to her hometown to be closer to work, the neighbors ask her to watch their newborn daughter, Ellen. Reluctant, she agrees. As nightfall approaches, there's no way to reach the power outlets with her many unpacked boxes. So with a couch as her bed and candles all around, they settle in for evening. 

When a strange sound awakens Mierna, she finds the baby replaced by a Changeling, a shape-shifting faerie that takes the form of a large roach. Unable to find Ellen, she's left to her own defenses when once again her ever-watchful Dreaming Partner, a púca named Vlanders, comes to her aid. His charming personality and unpredictable power-surges turn her world upside down. 

Flooding her home, sailing a paper ship, and battling sea serpents are just the start of her adventure into a whimsical landscape known as the Faerie Wilds. Located in a tangle of unkept bushes on the other side of her property, Mierna must find the courage to undo the weave of charms that beckon mortals into its den. 

Time runs differently on the other side, and it's running out for more than just a baby.... 

Mierna & the Book of Lost Memories

Book IV

Vlanders is not happy that a young man has come calling for Mierna. The simple answer seems to be jealousy, but Mierna must dig deeper into what has truly turned her beloved puca into a seemingly cold Taker. Missing photos from an album suggest that Vlanders may have been snooping for a way to increase her belief of the Fae. But a single bad memory can spoil a perfectly good book…

Mierna & the Broken Veil

Book V - Finale

Vlanders is in trouble... again! With much preparation to do for her wedding day, Mierna has little time to think about what mischief the silver puca has gotten into now. Yet when a wave of dizziness throws her into a flashback of the past, revealing a shadowy figure and ripping a hole in the sky over her home, there's no ignoring the feeling that something else may be involved with her beloved Dreaming Partner. 

A return trip to the Fae soon ends in more questions than answers. Dreamers are vanishing, which is causing the Veil, a protective barrier that surrounds the Fae, to slowly thin. Should it completely disappear, the Fae and everything in it would perish, including her sister, who was placed in the Fae for protection years ago and became its Queen. 

Unfortunately, Vlanders is in question due to his growing power, and Mierna's husband-to-be, who happens to be a Dreamer like herself, is missing as well. Stories are emerging of a puca who was once accused of devouring its Dreamer, and craved others afterwards. Could Vlanders be planning the same? Strangly enough, Mierna's own memories are in question, as they keep alluding to a single event... back before she even became a Dreamer. 

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