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Vlanders is a silver púca, a creature from Celtic folklore. Although most are seen with white or black fur, this púca is anything but average. 

Every púca has a unique ability, which Mierna is soon to find out through a series of mishaps and faerie-related business in the coming stories. Yet if there's one thing that Vlanders knows, it's exactly where Mierna is at all times, proving it hard to get by with secrets while the púca keeps a list of his own!

Mierna Poster.jpg

Mierna Whelan

Mierna is in her mid-twenties and about to attend college. She just has to decide what she wants to be. But first, she has to stop a mysterious circus that’s come to town.

She first meets Vlanders when her sister's pony, Thistle, escapes his stall. When she loses sight of him in the parking lot on a rainy night, she steals a glance at the actors during a performance. 


As the story progresses, she finds that they are more than just "actors" but outcasts. This includes a dead-aim swordsman, a fire-thrower, a music composer, a two-headed opera singer, and the ring master himself, Jarvus Bashton, who discovers her peeping at the back of their performance. He offers her a free ticket to see the show the following night. Little does she know how the show really works, or what that blue-green light is that keeps showing up in various places around the circus and her home.

Bashton Poster.jpg

Jarvus Bashton

As Ring Master of the Circus of Mysteries, Baston's magician-like appearance more than draws in the curious crowd. Carefully woven words sell each and every ticket for the upcoming shows. But when he catches a girl stealing a look through a back entrance, he knows she must not leave without getting one as well. 

HettieNetite Poster.jpg

Hettie & Nettie

Hettie and Nettie, the show's most famous opera singers, are connected in the most unusual way. Conjoined at the waist, these sisters entice the audience with their lovely vocals, as well as astound with their unusual hairstyles and forked tongues. 

It is said that their voices can reach beyond the normal pitch that could break glass. Instead, theirs breaks walls....

Georgie Poster.jpg


Fire eater, fire dancer - fire everything! Georgie is top performer when it comes to controlling flames. That is, until you realize he doesn't need any props to produce any!

Jose Poster.jpg


Known as the "Human Pinchushion", this unique individual is a collector of many valuable and rare swords. How he displays them during performances really keeps the crowd in awe, not to mention his expertise in handling every weapon without a single scratch. 

Maestro Poster.jpg


Just as colorful as the characters themselves, this little guy not only creates all the beats to keep his company dancing but can show off the notes themselves in mesmerizing arrangements. No sheet music needed as they can clearly be seen swirling around his composed form. 

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