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Mierna Mysteries Begins...

When a circus comes to Mierna’s small hometown, she’s uncertain whether to attend. With college applications to fill out and the family farm to work, she misses the opening show but hears how wonderful it was. The following evening, Mierna’s pony runs off, and she misses another opportunity. However, when she chases it through the parking lot during a performance, she’s able to steal a look at the actors.

What she sees puts everything she’s read about the Fae into a different perspective. She begins to question a growing illness spreading from town to town, and why everything is so drained of color. Yet the circus is more alive and colorful than ever, especially when she makes friends with its star performer, a púca named Vlanders.

Mierna has so many questions about the Fae, but when her father and the townspeople begin to show signs of the illness, Mierna goes against Vlanders’ warning to stay away from the circus. She has to find out why they’ve come… and stop the next show from happening!

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Discover the Fae...

It’s been several years since Mierna has last seen the púca Vlanders. Both her room and office are decorated with painted memories to remind herself that what she has witnessed was real. A parallel world called the Fae does exist, and with it the creatures she enjoys reading about in her many books. But on one particular night, a nightmare brings the uneasy feel that the púca's return will be less than charming.

She awakens to her supervisor’s phone call to head into the office. As a recent medical graduate and doctor-in-training, Mierna has no choice but to follow orders. Upon her arrival, she finds the office empty with a questionable figure posing as lead doctor. Mierna attempts to escape but winds up trapped in a back office. With no other option, she prepares to face her shape-shifting assailant when Vlanders' timed arrival throws Mierna into his world. Reunited with the cheerful púca, she explores what was once only imagined.

Nightmares, dreams... all play a part in a balance that is being disturbed... and only the Keeper of Nightmares seems to have the answers they seek.

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